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About King Rush Publishing LLC

Frederick B. Rush Jr. founded King Rush Publishing LLC along with his lovely wife Rebecca P. Rush in 2016.  Mrs. Rush wrote her very own first book entitled From Pain to Promise: Discovering Your Purposeful Wait in 2013.  She had it published that very same year through another publishing company.  However, after Rebecca’s first book was written and then published with the other company, an idea came to her husband Frederick to start King Rush Publishing LLC.  Frederick was already in the making of writing his very own book entitled The Gangster vs. The Preacher.  By the next year after 2016, Frederick decided to start his very own book publishing company King Rush Publishing LLC along with his wife Rebecca P. Rush.  Following the establishment of King Rush Publishing LLC in April 2017, Frederick B. Rush Jr.’s first book entitled The Gangster vs. The Preacher was already finished and waiting to be published.  Therefore, Frederick decided to publish his book on his own publishing company King Rush Publishing LLC.

The Gangster vs. The Preacher is the first book published by King Rush Publishing LLC.  With nearly 1,800 paperback copies, and digital downloads sold.  King Rush Publishing LLC is moving to the next level with more books to come by founder Frederick and his wife Rebecca Rush in the near future.  The Gangster vs. The Preacher can be located for purchase here on this website on the bookstore page.  Additionally, you can purchase the book at Amazon, Apple ITunes, Google, Barnes and Noble bookstores or online.  Download the digital copy for your IPhone, Android and Kindle along with Nook devices.

What We Do At King Rush Publishing LLC

King Rush Publishing LLC provides service to published books for first time authors as well as previously published authors. We purchase books from the writers who just would like to get their book published.  The authors will receive pay for selling the book or can just allow us to publish the book and will receive a percentage (royalties) based on the amount of book sales.  All writers must sign a written agreement with King Rush Publishing LLC.  We also help you get your book published under your own self-publishing company, and guide you step-by-step to assist you in establishing your own book publishing company. King Rush Publishing LLC will also mentor you in the beginning phases of your new publishing business.

Furthermore, there are standard fees charged to receive the service that you will need to help you start up your own book publishing company.  King Rush Publishing LLC provides all the services that you need to get your book started once the book is written.  For a list of services, we provide, as well as our standard prices please check out the services page on our website.

Note:  Unfortunately, King Rush Publishing, LLC does not guarantee that we will purchase your book. Our decisions to purchase books are mostly based on what type of book you have and what our readers think.  You are always welcome to use our service by purchasing one of our packages that you may need listed on the services page to get your book self-published.  We hope that you choose to have your book published here at King Rush Publishing LLC.

For more questions and answers, please visit the contact page on this website.  You can fill out the form that is located on the contact page and someone will reply back to your inquire within 24 hours. Click here to learn more about what we do. 

Thank You for visiting King Rush Publishing LLC.

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