Destructive Book Scanning

Turn your past publication into a new PDF file for just $79.

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What is destructive book scanning?

Destructive book scanning is the process of digitizing books by separating and scanning each individual page of the book to develop high quality PDF files, which can be used digitally or to create a brand new run of printed books. Digitizing your book can also help protect and save it, by electronically archiving it forever.

Whether you’re scanning old books or lost your manuscript files, breathe new life into your previous work with King Rush Publishing book scanning service. We’ll scan your book to a PDF file that you can use to create a brand new version of your printed book.

Why self-publish your book with King Rush Publishing?

Breathe new life into your previous work with our book scanning service. We’ll convert your old book into a PDF file that you can use to create a brand new version of your printed book.

How does destructive book scanning work?

First, we’ll unbind and remove your book’s pages to ensure precision throughout the book scanning process. We’ll then scan all of your book’s content, which takes about three days to complete. Once finished, you’ll receive a hi-resolution PDF file that you can either enjoy as is or use to republish your work into a new custom-printed book.

Why reprint your book with King Rush Publishing?

  • Affordable book printing in all standard book trim sizes and binding types. Customize your book here
  • Publishing specialists are here when you need help
  • Prepress experts assure your book is set up correctly before going to print
  • Every book copy is made under one roof in our Philadelphia-area facility
  • Your books are printed in as fast as five days
  • Free shipping when you order 25+ printed books
  • Your books are 100% guaranteed or your money back

What type of book will you make?

Start planning your printed book’s trim size, paper stock, and other bookbinding custom elements. Get started.

Not sure where to start?

Talk to one of our publishing specialists who can answer all your questions.


Yes. To create a hi-resolution PDF file, your book will be taken apart so each page can be scanned accurately. If you’d like your book back, we can ship its remains for $25.

No. Your PDF is only an image and is only useable for print applications.

Your book’s width must not exceed 8.5".

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