Book Metadata Optimization

Give your book its best shot at being discovered online—just $99.

Why book metadata is the main reason why your book will sell.
Or not.

Most readers find their next book online rather than browsing in a bookstore. How does your book get noticed? It’s your book’s metadata that allows your book to be searched-and-discovered across many platforms like Amazon, Google, library catalogs, bookstores and search engines.

That fact is that if your metadata isn’t strong your book won’t be found. That means fewer sales and readers. Best selling authors rely on professional metadata optimization experts to promote their books. And now you can too.

What is book metadata?
Metadata is essential embedded information about your book from basics like title, author, ISBN, publisher, genre, and price, to more detailed information like author bio, book cover, book description, quotes, target audience, and reviews, which allows both readers and retailers alike, to categorize and find your book. The more optimized your metadata is, the easier readers can find your book. 

Here’s what metadata optimization includes:

Core optimization

Not sure how to categorize your book or what subgenre fits best? We will research and optimize every data field of your book’s metadata—including the tricky ones like BISAC codes and book descriptions—to make sure every field is custom crafted for your book, giving you the best chance of discoverability.

Keyword maximization

Ever hear the term SEO (search engine optimization)? We will choose specific words and phrases that readers are most likely to search for and are more likely to give you stronger search engine results.

Spell check & grammar

Misspellings and punctuation errors often prevent readers from finding your book during their searches. We’ll sweep up any potential mistakes.

Give your book its best chance to be discovered by your maximum reading audience with King Rush Publishing Metadata Optimization service. It’s a tremendous investment in the sales potential of your book!

Sample piece of how King Rush Publishing optimizes your metadata

Please note that this service is currently only available for titles that include book distribution through King Rush Publishing specialists will edit and optimize your current, existing metadata information.

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Metadata Optimization can also be added when creating a quote for a new book project in our online quoter.

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