Worry-free eBook conversion services

The only guaranteed way to professionally convert your files to an eBook.

It’s simple—if you want to publish an eBook, then you need eBook conversion. Now you could take your chances with one of the many automated meat grinders out there, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Our eBook conversion specialists personally handle every eBook file they receive. We’ll transform your digital manuscript into a quality-assured, eBook-compatible file that can be read on smartphones, tablets and any popular eReader including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

Why King Rush Publishing is your best choice for eBook conversion

  • eBook file proof—Have peace of mind and review your formatted eBook file before your book hits the marketplace—a King Rush Publishing exclusive!
  • Over 30,000 eBooks and counting. We’ve converted eBooks in every genre imaginable.
  • Compatibility tested. Each eBook file is tested on actual eReaders for ensured performance. We’ll even send you a proof to review—a King Rush Publishing exclusive offer.
  • We have a list, and check it twice. Our experts use a 100+ point checklist that guarantees your eBook meets your standards.
  • Most source files accepted. That includes Word docs, PDFs, and InDesign files from both PCs and Macs.

Our eBook conversion service includes:

Manuscript conversion: Our conversion professionals will convert your Word, PDF, InDesign or other popular digital document to produce the highest quality files for viewing on every eReader, tablet, and smartphone.
Graphics conversion: We’ll take care of your visual elements—images, charts, graphs, tables, drawings, photographs, and more. (Add $2 per graphic plus base conversion charge.)
eBook proof: King Rush Publishing Exclusive! We’ll send you a finished ePub formatting file proof for your review in 6 to 8 business days—something no other eBook company offers.
QC check: Every file is individually checked and re-checked by our digital publishing experts to ensure your eBook works perfectly on every popular eReader.
Free customer service support: Give our Publishing Specialists a call with all of your publishing questions at +1 484-961-0376 (Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm EDT).

Compatibility across the board

Whether it’s your daughter’s iPad or your mom’s Kindle, our eBook publishing experts will produce high-quality eBook files that are viewable on ALL popular eReaders.

New! eBook conversion only—just $99

Choose our new eBook conversion-only service and we’ll transform your manuscript into a professional-looking eBook, compatible with any eReader device (Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, more) and include a final formatting proof for your review. Get started.

Fixed Layout conversion for Apple Books–$199

If you need your text and images to appear in a specific and consistent way, then fixed layout is essential to your eBook conversion. Fixed layout formatting is perfect for children’s books, graphic novels, and cookbooks. Learn more.

eBook conversion and distribution–$299

Get hands-on eBook conversion done by experts plus distribution to over 60 of the world’s largest online stores. Learn more.


See our guidelines for basic ePub conversion.

If you want text in your eBook to be linked to a website, we will need for you to insert those into your Word document before submitting your file. This ensures the text in your manuscript is accurate and the url addresses lead to the correct website.

PC Highlight the text you would like attached to the hyperlink. Go to Insert Tab > Hyperlinks (Globe with Chain icon). Towards the top of the window, you will see “Text to Display.” Type in how you would like the text to appear in your manuscript. Towards the bottom of the window, you will see “Address.” Paste the web address to which you would like the text linked. The “Text to Display” can differ from the actual url “Address.”

MAC Highlight the text you would like attached to the hyperlink. Go to Insert > Hyperlink. At the top of the window you will see “Link to:” Enter the web address in this field. Below that is the “Display” field. This is how the text will appear in your manuscript. The “Display” text can differ from the actual url “Link to” address.

Material you did not create: If you did not create EVERYTHING in your book, the chances are you should not be publishing it. Items that may otherwise fall into public domain, fair use, creative commons or editorial purposes fall outside of our distribution partners guidelines. Political cartoons (that someone else drew), corporate logos, photos of celebrities, your favorite cartoon characters, lyrics from your favorite song, these are all going to cause you problems. If you are using something you did not create, you are required to have legal documentation showing your agreement with the content creator/copyright holder. 

Now’s the time to publish your eBook

Choose the only guaranteed way to professionally convert your files to an eBook.
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