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Self publishing puts the controls in your hands—you're in charge of the content, format, design, distribution, and promotion of your book.

That’s a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it alone. King Rush Publishing is here to help. These posts and videos from the King Rush Publishing Blog dive into the details of what your experience will be like working with the nation’s leading self-publishing company.

Self Publishing Lets You Take Creative Control

The freedom provided by self publishing, along with the changes in traditional publishing, opened up more avenues for me, as an author, to take creative control of my own projects. 

Book Production And The Self-Published Author

When it comes to professional book production, the interior formatting is absolutely critical. Whether the pages have two columns or one column, the type and size of font that’s used, the spacing… all of that is very important. 


How To Work With A Self-Publishing Company

If you plan to work with a self-publishing company, start the production process early on. Make a connection with the company who will produce your book and allay the uncertainty you feel as you ponder the unknowns of the self-publishing process. 

My Self-Publishing Experience. Part 1: Placing An Order

Published author and regular King Rush Publishing Blog contributor Scott McCormick is embarking on a new publishing effort — a self-published book. In this multi-part blog series, he chronicles the process, from initial call to the execution of the marketing plan, to give you insight into the self-publishing process. 

Book Marketing and Social Media Promotion: My Self-Publishing Experience, Part 2

One major thing DIY authors worry about, understandably, is marketing. Authors are under the impression that traditional publishers have an entire staff sitting there, waiting to market and publicize their book once they get a book deal. As someone who has had a traditional deal, I can tell you this concept is true, but to a much lesser degree than you expect.

Book Editing: Part 3 Of My Self-Publishing Experience

Many self-published authors forego editing. I get it. It’s expensive. And I understand the feeling these authors have: “I reread the damned manuscript three times and I even gave it to my wife. This puppy is ready to go!” But let’s cut to the chase: You need to hire a professional to edit your book. 

Amazon Optimization: My Self-publishing Experience, Part 4

Most people who order Amazon optimization consultation through King Rush Publishing do so after their book is published — probably because they are unsatisfied with their sales or search engine ranking. There is nothing wrong with that, but a better time to have this conversation is before you upload your manuscript.

Metadata Optimization For Your Book: My Self-Publishing Experience, Part 5

Here are some pointers on how to best enter your book’s metadata, upload your manuscript for publishing, and everything else that goes into the ordering process. 

How To Get Cover Design And Formatting That Fits Your Story: My Self-Publishing Experience Part 6

Authors spend so much time writing/rewriting/editing their books, but at the end of the day, that is the third most important element in determining if someone will buy it. After all, if you’ve done a poor job of crafting your metadata, readers will never find your book. And if your cover design sucks, no one will click on it. It’s that simple. Viewed through that lens, cover design is just as important as — if not more important than — the contents of your book.

Defining Self-Publishing Success: Ryan Aslesen and the Crucible Book Series

I think as human beings we all have something of value to share with the world and we shouldn’t be afraid to share our stories. 

How To Publish On Amazon

Get the guide that gets the most out of your book sales. Learn how to publish your book on Amazon and take advantage of its tools to make your book stand out among millions of authors with similar goals. 

King Rush Publishing Catalog

See all the ways we can help you publish like a professional author. 

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