The Gangster is Out for The Preachers – Paperback

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Author:  Frederick B. Rush Jr.

A few years have already passed by and Jacob is now a Pastor and married to Lisa his high school sweet heart. The couple has a 3-year-old son named Josiah and is very blessed by the Lord. The growth of Pastor Jacob’s church congregation, and Lisa’s Christian network being one of the largest networks in the nation, is proof that God’s hand is on their lives. After experiencing some of the hardest years with the loss of his mother Hannah, his best friend Corey being thrown in prison, and the tragic death of the couple’s very close friend Latasha, Jacob’s faith is truly tested at a higher limit.

Mike the gangster, is back to all his normal schemes only to seek revenge on Apostle Mark and Pastor Jacob when breaking out of prison. Now Mike’s only plot is to finish the job that he once started which is to finally kill Apostle Mark with Pastor Jacob. In this second installment, follow up from the first novel The Gangster vs. The Preacher, things are much more difficult this time around for Pastor Jacob. Will Pastor Jacob overcome all the new temptation that comes his way, or will he give into temptation? The outcome will only depend on the choices Pastor Jacob will make.

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